CBD. What is it good for? Dogs! CBD is an excellent supplement for your little muppet — or your BIG muppet for that matter. MediPets is happy to announce the launch of our, bigger, better, stronger, CBD oil for large dogs which we like to call... well, MediPets CBD Oil for Large Dogs.  

This extreme strength dog CBD oil product is just what your dog needs. In fact, more and more pet owners are learning about the value of CBD in keeping your dog, let’s say, comfortable and happy. Aside from dogs that might require some TLC for whatever reason, CBD oil for dogs is just great for helping your dog maintain an awesome life. MediPets CBD Oil for Large Dogs is designed explicitly for man’s best friend.

But here’s something we can brag about. Medipets products are winning awards. In fact, Pet Business, “the most trusted name in the pet industry” praised MediPets in their list of “Top Pet Products of 2018.” Medipets was also featured in an article titled, “Bringing the Power of CBD to Pets” in which they point out, “Medipets CBD is leveraging its parent company’s proven success in developing all-natural cannabidiol products to support pet wellness.”

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Continued Praise for MediPets CBD for Dogs

The praise doesn’t stop there. Canine Journal talks about Medipets products in an article entitled, “Best CBD for Dogs.” And Medipets was featured in CBD industry journal, Ganjapreneur.

But, if you really want to hear people bragging about Medipets pet CBD products, Check out the raving customer reviews on our products.

Medipets CBD oil for dogs is a simple formula, made with all-natural industrial hemp CBD and vegetable glycerine. Just 8-10 drops of MediPets CBD Oil on your pet's food, treats, or water bowl once or twice a day can go a long way to making your dog’s day every day.

This product is for large dogs between 41lbs and 100lbs and contains a whopping 550 mg of CBD oil.

We also offer pet CBD oil for smaller dogs as well as CBD oil for cats.

And don’t forget, we also off CBD treats for dogs of all sizes as well as fast-acting pet CBD spray. Just a few spritzes in your pet's mouth can totally make their day.  

Treat your dog to a daily dose of the good stuff. Both your dog and you will be glad you did. It’s the 100% natural alternative!