Get To Know CBD.

CBD is naturally occurring oil from the hemp plant. It contains absolutely no THC. All of our CBD is made in the USA using organic hemp.

Treating Pets With CBD.

As more and more research is done on CBD, many potential benefits have emerged, and more and more pet owners across the US are treating their furry family members for a large number of ailments:

Skin Conditions

CBD can treat red patches. Itching. Constant licking of the skin. Hair loss. Crusty patches. And even skin odor. 

Joint Pain Relief

CBD has been shown to relieve joint and mobility problems, helping put a spring back in pet’s steps. 

Aging & Wellness

CBD during a pet's twilight years can help deliver a higher quality of life and keep those last years golden. 

Treat Anxiety & Stress

CBD effectively soothes receptors in pet’s bodies, calming them while taking away stress & anxiety.

Safe & Legal.

MediPets CBD is legal in all 50 states, and contains no synthetics. The CBD is extracted using the highest standards in the industry.

Natural Relief.

MediPets uses only 100% natural, organic hemp for extracting CBD. MediPets is also completely made in the USA.

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