Summer isn’t just about the experience — it’s about who you share it with. You and your furry best friend have a chance to steal the last rays of summer sun with this summer fun list from MediPets CBD. And this list of summer fun for pets is a collection of our very own favorite end-of-summer activities, which includes a great balance of delicious CBD pet treats and exciting adventures that cater to your pet’s cravings. So let’s get out there and have some fun!

Top 4 Ways to Have Summer Fun With Your Pet and MediPets CBD > Paragraphs

#1 Take a hike.

And we mean that in the nicest way possible! Because you and your pup just have to get outside before the days start getting shorter. These last few weeks of summer are the best time to hit the trails, or at least get out to your favorite local spots for a long walk. The crowds will be smaller and the weather will be just right, especially during the evening hours when the sun is getting ready to set. So grab that leash and get going!

Turn your next hike into a modern-day treasure hunt with a few CBD pet treats. Simply hide your dog’s favorite treats around the trail. Tuck them into tree trunks, bury them under leaves, or simply toss them ahead of you as you walk to give your pup an extra sense of adventure. Add a few CBD dog treats to the mix and make your dog’s summer vacation that much better. 

Summer fun tip for cat owners: Cats may not like to go for hikes, but they do love to hunt. You can DIY your own treasure hunt for your cats and kittens by hiding a few Puffs and Purrs CBD cat treats around the house. Tuck them into your cat’s favorite climbing posts and hiding spots for a sweet little surprise. If you have an outdoor cat, scattering a few treats around the yard can lead to a pleasant surprise for your cat as he heads out on a nightly summer hunt.

Top 4 Ways to Have Summer Fun With Your Pet and MediPets CBD > Paragraphs

#2 Take one last road trip.

Before the summer ends, pack up the car for one last road trip to visit your favorite spot. Even if it’s just for the day, a change of scenery (and a little picnic!) can be the pick-me-up you and your pet need before the end of the season. Just getting away from it all can help clear your head, reduce your stress, and prepare for the incoming cooler weather. 

If your pets have a hard time in the car, you can make road trips even easier with pet CBD oils. A few drops in their water bowl in the morning before you leave can help keep pets calm for the ride without making them too lethargic for the adventure ahead. We’ve designed pet CBD oils for both cats and dogs, so all of your pets can enjoy the ride.

For the pet owner with no time to spare, we recommend CBD pet spray. It’s fast and easy to use, so you can hit the road ASAP. Just a quick spritz or two under your pet’s tongue will give them the perfect dose of CBD. 

#3 Try on some summer fashion with an icy cool bandana.

Doggos don’t sweat like we do. They have to regulate their body temperature through panting. A dog’s sweat glands are on their paws, and sometimes the ground is just too hot to keep cool. That’s why it’s up to you to keep your dog looking and feeling cool this summer. 

Give your pup a cool new look with an icy bandana. Soak a bandana in cool water, wring it out, then pop it in the freezer for 20-30 minutes. When it’s slightly crunchy, whip it out and tie it around your dog’s neck. The icy temperature will feel great on their fur, and as the bandana starts to melt in the sun, the water will continue to cool down your dog. Even if you’re just spending the last of your summer days at the local dog park, the crisp coolness of a frozen bandana will be more than enough to keep your pup happy. And the fact that he’ll be the best-dressed dog in the park is just an added bonus!

Top 4 Ways to Have Summer Fun With Your Pet and MediPets CBD > Paragraphs

#4 Cook up some frozen pet treats.

And we’re saying “cook” lightly because these frozen pet treats require only two ingredients. All you need is chicken stock, peanut butter, and an ice cube tray. Not only will your dogs fall in love with these quick and easy pet treats, but it will also help keep them cool in the summer heat.

First, pour chicken stock into the ice tray. Only fill up the cubes halfway because you still need room for the peanut butter. Let it freeze for an hour, then add a layer of peanut butter to fill up the tray. Freeze for 3-4 hours, then treat your pups to this frozen pet treat after a long hike to help them cool down. Adding 2-3 drops of pet CBD oil can make a world of difference, and we’ve designed various sizes and strengths of our pet CBD oil in order to give all dogs the chance to experience the benefits of CBD. Small to large dogs have the chance to choose from regular to extreme strength CBD oil depending on their needs, and you can use MediPets CBD oil with confidence knowing that your pet is getting the exact dose of CBD they need. 

Summer fun tip for cat owners: To make these frozen pet treats cat-friendly, simply take out the peanut butter. Fill an ice cube tray with your choice of chicken or beef stock and freeze for 1-2 hours. The meaty flavor of the stock is enough to entice any kitty, and a little bit of cat CBD oil can help soothe your feline friends in the summer heat.


As the summer season comes to an end, it’s still important to remember how to keep your pet safe in hot weather. But even if you have to avoid being in the sun for a few hours in the afternoon, both you and your furry compatriots still have plenty of time to enjoy what’s left of this amazing summer vacation without getting overheated. So get out there, stay cool, and show us how you’re soaking up the summer fun with your pet by sharing your photos with us on Instagram!