These Are 5 Of The Tastiest MediPets CBD Pet Treats Yet

Posted on August 7, 2018

CBD pet treats can help your pets improve the most important part of their body — the taste buds!

Our pets live for two things — our attention, and our FOOD! Nothing will put a smile on your dog’s face and make them sit, stay and give you a paw faster than some yummy human food. Or at least CBD pet treats they think is human food.

This week, we’re going to talk to you about CBD pet treats from your pet’s point of view. 

So here we go. Here are Top 5 Yummiest Medipets CBD pet treats flavors.

Turkey, Peas, & Blueberry Jerky

Your dog will give thanks for these CBD pet treats — Turkey, Peas, & Blueberry Jerky. They’re like an entire Thanksgiving plate in one bite! Dogs aren’t easily brainwashed like we humans are. They know that peas and blueberries go awesome together — especially with turkey.

Wavy Bacon & Cheese Bites

It’s Wavy Bacon & Cheese Bites, one of the best CBD pet treats yet! These are like the top two favorite dog flavors rolled into one irresistible treat except without all that cholesterol. Your dog will gladly walk a mile to get their paws on these tasty babies.

Liver Meatballs

Just because you don’t like liver doesn’t mean it’s not a favorite of dogs. To dogs, Liver Meatballs is like tacos on Tuesday. They love BIG flavors! And liver is big. These CBD pet treats pack a hefty liver punch.

Chicken Meatballs

Plain old meatballs are old school. But, now, chicken meatballs. That’s a different story. Our Chicken Meatballs have that straight-from-an-Italian-wedding flavor that will give your dog wings. With these CBD pet treats, they don’t call ‘em bird dogs for nothin’!

Dog Kabobs

No, no! Not Dog Kabobs! Kabobs for dogs! You know how a dog will sit there and stare at you while you grill your kabobs looking at you like, “are you going to eat that?” before they’re even done cooking? Well, isn’t it about time you answered, “No! I’m not! These are for you, pal!”

CBD Pet Treats For Dogs Of All Sizes

There you have it, straight from the dog’s mouth, the five most requested Medipets CBD pet treats. So, next time you want to make Rover roll over just whip out one of these meaty morsels. You’ll know that they’re getting something that’s super good for them. But as far as they know, it’s just another scrumptious scrap from their beloved human.