The days are getting shorter, and your last few chances to take your dog to the beach are starting to run out. Here at MediPets, we know a thing or two about dog-friendly beaches and vacation spots. And we know there’s still time to sneak in one, even two (maybe!) last-minute beach trips with your dog. 

If you’ve got a weekend coming up where you can take your dog to the beach, take advantage of it. Because we’ve got the perfect Dog Lover’s Giveaway to go along with it. All dogs crave a little adventure, and you could have the perfect basket of CBD pet treats to bring along with you. 

There are a few last-minute tips for bringing dogs to the beach we’d also like to share. We answered 3 of the most popular questions people have about bringing their dogs to the beach so you could be prepped and ready for one last trip before the summer ends.

Scroll through our answers and make sure you’ve packed everything on our checklist, read about where to find our dog-friendly beaches to visit and pick out which delicious CBD dog treats you want to pack and take with you. After all, this could be your last vacation of the summer. So make the most of it!

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What should I bring to the beach for my dog?

Always pack a bag when bringing dogs to the beach. Just like you, dogs need sunscreen, clean towels, and plenty of fresh water. We don’t want you to forget anything, so here’s a checklist of the top 6 things you need to pack when you take your dog to the beach:

  1. Beach towels and ice packs: The towel gives your pup a soft place to lounge, but once you put the ice packs underneath, you’re giving your dog the most chill place to cool down on the beach. You’ll want a few extra towels on hand to dry off with, too. 
  2. Beach umbrella: Every dog needs some shade. Putting up an umbrella will protect you both from the sun, but it also gives your dog a point of reference that feels like home on the beach. Set up space in the shade with their favorite toys and towels to make your pup feel even more at home. 
  3. Sunscreen: Dogs burn just like we do, so put pet-friendly sunscreen on their nose, ears, and paws at least. Dogs with longer hair have a little more natural protection, but don’t let them sit in the sun too long.
  4. Leash: The longer the leash the better. Many dog-friendly beaches still have strict rules about dogs being on a leash, and you want to have enough lead to give your pup plenty of space to run around in the sand. Don’t forget to bring along bags for poop, too!
  5. Fresh water: You do NOT want your dog drinking salt water, so keep fresh water handy. Adding a few drops of pet CBD oil to your water bottle makes it easy to give your pup his dose, even on vacation! If your pup is just too excited to drink, bring a sports water bottle. It makes it easy to squirt water into their mouths, and it’s a fun way to stay cool!
  6. Treats: The most important item on this list — yummy CBD dog treats! Keeping treats handy is a great way to reward good behavior and keep up with your dog training even while you relax. Give your dog the flavor of the coast with these salmon bites, or bring along these chicken training bites with CBD oil infused in them.
Take Your Dog (and Some CBD Oil) to the Beach Before Summer Ends > Paragraphs

Which dog-friendly beaches should we visit before summer ends?

Dog-friendly beaches and dog-friendly swimming abounds from coast to coast. You and your pup have ample opportunity to explore, relax, or just downright enjoy yourselves before the summer ends.

Two of the most dog-friendly cities on the west coast are San Diego and San Francisco. Tampa Bay, Florida gives east coast dog-lovers plenty of beaches to comb and explore. If you’re heading up north, the Jersey Shore boasts more than a few dog parks and dog-friendly beaches. 

Wherever you decide to go, pay close attention to the leash laws in the cities you’re visiting. The cities we mentioned above all require dogs to be on a leash while on the beach. Even beaches in the Bahamas require dogs to stay on their leashes at all times, no matter what resort you’re staying at.

If your dog gets excitable when on a leash, or if you’re still leash training your pup, CBD pet treats can help them relax. This is where those chicken training bites come in handy. A treat or two is all it takes to keep pups calm and happy while rewarding them for listening to your commands.

Why should I bring pet CBD oil to the beach?

Dog-friendly beaches can get pretty crowded. It’s a great idea to keep pet CBD oil or CBD pet spray nearby to help with crowd control. A few drops of pet CBD oil in your dog’s water, or a quick spritz of CBD pet spray right on your dog’s tongue, can really help them relax and enjoy themselves on the beach, even if they’re in training.

Training dogs to go to the beach is important. It keeps them safe and makes it possible for responsible pet owners everywhere to take trips like this one. Using CBD treats can be a helpful way to train young puppies and even older dogs how to behave at the beach. The delicious flavor will reward your furry friend for coming when he’s called while giving him a special pet-friendly dose of CBD oil. Rewarding your pup for his good behavior will help him stay calm and focused on your commands. 

If you’re training your dog at the beach, tell us which treats you’re bringing along with you! Follow us on Instagram where we can hear all about you and your dog’s beach adventures. Remember — there’s still plenty of time to take your dog to the beach before summer ends, and we’ve got the best CBD oil for pets who love the beach.