In 2016, when Lucky, a mixed breed, happy pup, was five years old, his mom, Robin, came home to find him having seizures. At their height, he experienced 18-28 cluster seizures in 24 hours, causing his parents deep distress.

Veterinarians were stumped, indicating that typically, dogs who experience seizures or are diagnosed with canine epilepsy, show signs before five years of age. 

Lucky started taking Phenobarbital, a common pet anti-seizure drug as treatment, but after a few years began experiencing liver damage, a known side effect. 

We all want our pets to live the best lives we can give them. Robin began looking for alternatives that could be incorporated into Lucky’s wellness routine that would not create additional damage or problems in his system.

Like so many, Robin found CBD for pets and has been very pleased with how well Lucky has been responding since incorporating CBD into his wellness routine.

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Furbabies at the dinner table

In 1997, the European Union declared animals to be sentient beings, meaning they have the rights to live happy, healthy, and prosperous lives, free from distress and pain. While many may not know about the declaration, twenty-first-century pet owners take this tenant very seriously.

Pet’s today are no longer furry step-children. Pets are the prized fur babies that we show off to our relatives the same way parents show off their children. 

The Michaelson Found Animals Foundation found in their 2019 Pet Trends that pets live, like modern children, in smarter environments with dog-focused tech. Fifty-six percent of respondents indicate they bought smart tech for their pets, and nearly 8 in 10 use tracking devices to monitor their pet’s wellbeing. 

Pet’s aren’t just getting the newest tech to play with, pet-parents are also bringing what they know about nutrition and wellness to their pets.

The Michaelson study found that almost half of pets eat the same organic or high protein diets that their owners do. 

It’s safe to say that fur babies are benefiting from technology rises in healthfulness at almost the same level as human babies. 

Unlike babies, pet’s don’t just rely on us for their wellbeing, we also rely on them for ours.

According to a UCLA study examining animal-assisted therapy, pets provide comfort, decrease loneliness, lower blood pressure, and even petting an animal can release stress, producing an automatic relaxation response. This could help explain the rising trend in “snuggle breaks” being offered to companies by local humane societies as part of a wellness and self-care initiative to promote mental health awareness.

For our benefit, as well as theirs, we want our pets to be the best and happiest version of themselves.

The Secret Life Of Pet Wellness > Paragraphs

CBD and pets

Around the same time that Lucky was given CBD to enhance his quality of life, CBD for pets emerged as a $13 million industry. It accounted for only .06 percent of the human market,  valued at $177 million in 2017. Analysts expect that sales will jump to $125 million by 2022, a full 25% of the anticipated human market of $522 million. 

In 2018, CBD for pets sales reached $48 million not just for dogs and cats but according to New Frontier Data, all animals. 

This data shows that just like for technology or food, pet parents are using the same wellness techniques on their pets as they are for themselves. 

Lucky started taking CBD powder with food before switching to CBD enhanced homemade pumpkin puppy treats (check out the recipe below). 

Cats and dogs both can take advantage of the wellness benefits of CBD. Pets have similar endocannabinoid systems to humans, which is the part of the body interacting with CBD. It is an essential system for regulating homeostasis in the body.

If your pet gets anxious on long car rides, or before going to the vet, if she doesn’t like fireworks, loud noises, or the construction down the road, or maybe she’s just an old gal dealing with soreness that comes from an older body, CBD could be right for her! 

We all know that vet bills can be expensive, as can the damage left behind by pet in distress. Michaelson’s study found that 68 percent of survey participants use alternative therapies, not just CBD, to incorporate into their pets’ wellness routines.

Of these survey respondents, almost half gave CBD to their pets as a general health plan, or to care for an older pet.

How to pick CBD for your pets

The first thing to remember is not to give your CBD to your pets. Human CBD oil is calibrated for human-level dosage.

The best way to make sure you’re getting the right product for your pets is to purchase from a pet-focused CBD brand like Medipets

Medipets is a pet-focused CBD brand, which offers pet-safe CBD treats, oils, and sprays for pets of any size.

All Medipets CBD is sourced from Hemp, which is high in CBD, but low in THC. Medipets verifies its supplements are free from THC, so there is no risk that your pet will have psychoactive side effects. They also send their CBD to third party testers to ensure quality and purity without bias. If you’re unsure, you can request those labs from their customer service team.

Crucially, Medipets also offers a dosage chart based on pet weight. Your cat wouldn't be happy to receive the same dosage as your St. Bernard.  

Before choosing a CBD product for your pet, make sure you consider dosage, third party labs, and brand reputability when looking for CBD for your pets.

The Secret Life Of Pet Wellness > Paragraphs

Pet wellness is human wellness

Pets occupy an increasingly significant role in our lives. Instead of children, people choose pets as companions. For those suffering from anxiety or loneliness, a pet can help ease those feelings. 

Pets are also more likely to accompany us in our daily lives. With relaxed workplace environments and special considerations for therapy dogs, which according to the National Service Animal Registry that number is 200,000 today — up from 2,000 in 2011 — society has elevated our pets to be our friends and partners. 

CBD can help your pet navigate through the busy world and adventures by your side. A CBD treat on the trail or in an airplane, or a homemade pumpkin CBD treat can bring out the best in your pet all the time. 

Lucky’s homemade Pumpkin CBD treats

2 cups Pumpkin puree,  

1 cup greek yogurt, 

1 cup quick-dry oatmeal. 

Mix add 5 drops CBD oil and freeze.