A Pet Owner’s Guide To CBD For Dogs

Posted on August 17, 2018

CBD for dogs is all about giving your pet the best. The potential health benefits of CBD for dogs are simply amazing. For those of you that don’t know, we created this pet owner’s guide to CBD  for dogs to help you learn more about what it can do for your best friend.

After all, dogs are a lot of responsibility. They rely on us for practically everything. We provide shelter and the most delicious food a pet could ask for. But we also give them affection, regular exercise, and care for their health and wellbeing. As responsible pet owners, we owe our dogs the healthiest life.

And that’s what CBD oil for dogs can do for your dog:

What is CBD Oil For Dogs?

CBD is a cannabinoid found in hemp. But unlike THC, it has no psychoactive effects, meaning it won’t make your dog high. They will, however, receive all of the therapeutic benefits of cannabis.

Just like we have cannabinoid receptors, so does your dog. Those receptors are there to regulate the body’s anxiety, pain, and nausea. Using CBD oil for dogs can reduce separation anxiety, arthritic pain, and even help keep dogs calm during those terrifying thunderstorms.

CBD oil for dogs is very different from the CBD oil we use. Yes, it comes from the same plant, but the doses we use are very different. Dosages are important when it comes to using CBD oil for pets. As a responsible pet owner, you have to do your research and make sure you know where your CBD is coming from.

Our CBD oil for dogs is made in America from organic hemp and specifically designed for dogs of all sizes. We use proper doses for small, medium, and large dogs so you can use our CBD oil confidently.

How Helpful is CBD For Dogs?

Because dogs have an endocannabinoid system like we do, they experience the many of the same benefits. CBD for dogs relieves everyday aches and pains and it can offer stressed-out pups some a much-needed reprieve.

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties make it a popular extract among pet owners with older dogs because it may relieve arthritic pain and improve overall mobility. Younger dogs can use CBD oil too. As a natural stress reliever, your new puppy doesn’t have to suffer through any more separation anxiety.   

Does CBD for Dogs Have Risks?

While we always caution every pet owner to consult with their vet first, CBD oil for dogs is a completely safe, all-natural way to possibly help your dogs with a number of ailments. And CBD oil contains less than .03 percent THC —essentially none.

Of course, it’s important to be responsible with your dog’s CBD oil. Never let someone you don’t trust give your pet CBD, and never give your dog more than the stated dose.

How Do I Use CBD for Dogs?

CBD for dogs can be used as an everyday health supplement or only on special occasions. Some pet owners add CBD oil to their dog’s breakfast every morning to relieve aches and pains. Others administer CBD oil during anxious situations, like right before they leave the house or before stressful vet appointments. MediPets CBD Pet Spray is a great way to give your dog a quick dose of CBD for dogs during those stressful situations.

Dosing is so important when using CBD oil for dogs. That’s why we designed all of our CBD for dogs with the uniqueness of each dog in mind. Note the size of your dog and consult with your vet to figure out the perfect dose before using CBD. If you’re interested in adding CBD your dog’s daily routine, talk to your vet before making any changes.

When used responsibly, CBD for dogs can have some awesome effects on your dog’s overall health.