Their little eyes light up, their tails start wagging to the point where they are in danger of knocking things off of your coffee table, maybe they even “sit pretty” for you. What adorable little tricks will your pet do for a treat? Furthermore, what pet owners can resist the happy look their pets give them when they finally get a treat?! 

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to give your pet CBD, look no further than CBD Pet Treats, MediPets’ answer for the CBD-loving pet in your life. These treats are just as delicious as the ones your pets are used to but are infused with CBD oil which is specially designed with cats and dogs in mind.

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No tricks, just CBD oil treats

While some may say that the best treats are made with love, the bakers at MediPets would argue that the best treats are made with love and quality cannabidiol oil. If you’re thinking of adding CBD to your pet’s diet, there are lots of different methods that you could use, such as CBD oils or MediPets CBD Spray; however, if your dog is anything like mine, they may run at the sight of a dropper, thinking that horrible and disgusting medicine is on its way, rather than an industrial hemp-based treat.

To avoid the “pill panic” as my vet calls it, disguising your pet’s CBD dose as a tasty treat may do the trick. If you want to add CBD to your fluffy family member’s health routine, why not let them enjoy it as a treat? Just remember, before making any changes in your pet’s health routine, be sure to check in with your veterinarian. 

Cheese me, please

Who can resist a good cheese and charcuterie board? Not me, that’s for sure. Your dog is no exception. While real milk-based products may cause interesting smells to come from your pup, CBD Dog Treats - Cheese Wraps have all of the fun flavors without any of the lactose.

These treats contain 3 mg of CBD per treat and have a fun cheesy flavor your dog won’t be able to get enough of. Meant for intermittent snacking, these treats are the perfect addition to your dog’s daily health routine. Even better — these treats are on sale! Normally $39.99, these treats are being offered for $16.00.

Our Top Rated CBD Pet Treats for Cats and Dogs > Paragraphs

Begging for biscuits

Our family dog is a giant Newfoundland mix, who would eat thirty-times her weight in dog biscuits if we let her. Seeing as she is already the size of a small Shetland pony, that is no small feat. Like most Newfoundlands, our dog is pretty smart. She mastered the basic commands “sit,” “stay,” “fetch the mail, would you?” fairly quickly, but she was a bit stubborn when it came to crate training. MediPets Specialty Dog Biscuits came in handy when it was time to send her to bed.

These dog biscuits are no ordinary cookies for dogs. Rather, these CBD Treats Specialty Dog Biscuits have over 3 mg of CBD per treat and are made from industrial hemp right here in the United States. These treats, like all treats, are meant to reward good behavior on the part of the dogs or assuage some pet-owner guilt from their humans. All our dog has to do sometimes is give us a look from the crate, and I’m ready to give her all of the biscuits.

Sushi, anyone?

The benefits of consuming salmon cannot be overstated. Not to mention that it is just plain tasty. Cats aren’t the only ones who’ve been known to enjoy the occasional fish-dish. Dogs are getting in on the action, too. 

MediPets CBD Dog Treats Salmon Bites are the perfect way to get some fun fish-based food into your dog’s diet. Each bite features 5mg of CBD per treat and is flavored with natural deboned salmon. If that isn’t tasty enough, each bite is infused with industrial CBD hemp oil.

Thanksgiving for your pets

Have a cat in your life that needs some spoiling? More than the usual amount of spoiling, that is. MediPets has the perfect turkey treat for them. CBD cat treats, Cat Café Tartar Control, are not only filled with cannabidiol goodness, but they are also designed to support the dental health of cats. These CBD oil-infused cat treats are made up of organic flaxseed, hemp heart seeds, and parsley. With 100 mg of CBD per container, your cats are sure to enjoy these tasty treats.

Don’t want to leave your dog out of the Thanksgiving treat theme? Don’t worry, MediPets has a turkey treat for dogs as well. Pet owners are struggling to ensure that their pets have healthy, but still enjoyable, food. These CBD Dog Treats taste like Turkey & Sweet Potato and are actually made from real turkey and sweet potato. In addition to the healthy ingredients, each biscuit contains 16 mg of CBD.

Bring on the Bacon, please!

If you want extra bacon on the side, you can only hazard a guess as to what your dog would do for a piece or two. MediPets CBD Treats Wavy Bacon & Cheese Bites look and taste like the real thing, so be sure it’s put in your dog’s bowl and not on your breakfast plate. Each wavy bacon bite contains 10 mg of CBD and has irresistible bacon and cheese flavor, ensuring your dog will do any trick, or two, for just one more bite.

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For the dog that has it all

What if your pup has a refined palette and requires an assortment of treats before they are satiated? Not to worry, MediPets has a treat bundle for medium-sized dogs. This bundle is offered in three different dosage levels: Regular Strength Oil with treats (50 mg), Extra Strength Oil with treats (150 mg), and Extreme Strength Oil with treats (250 mg). Each bundle comes with one CBD oil and two accompanying treats, including Beef Wraps, Wavy Bacon and Cheese Bites, or Chicken Meatballs.

So when you’re shopping for your favorite fur-friend, be sure to get them some extra treats.