Keeping Your Dog Calm Around Raucous Kids with Pet CBD Oil

Posted on November 13, 2018
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There’s more to having a family dog than just playing fetch. Dogs come with a lot of responsibility, and each pup has their own personality. Some doggos are patient and laidback, while others are anxious and excitable. But it’s easier than ever now to keep an anxious dog calm with pet CBD oil, especially if they’re around raucous kids or other excited animals. If you’ve got a nervous dog on your hands, pet CBD oil is here to help!

How can CBD oil help my dog?

Naturally! CBD oil calms your dog naturally by working with their own body. Every mammal comes with an endocannabinoid system - or ECS - that produces its own cannabinoids (like CBD). These cannabinoids maintain an array of bodily functions, including your dogs fight-or-flight response. In anxious dogs, this response is hyper-sensitive. But a dose of CBD will trigger a release of neurotransmitters that calm this natural response in a natural way.

Pet CBD oil triggers the release of serotonin and dopamine, two neurotransmitters responsible for sleep and mood. You should never give your pup enough CBD to put them to sleep, but a little serotonin can go a long way to keep a dog calm around loud kids, animals, and new or unfamiliar situations. The release of dopamine will also improve your dog’s mood and get them feeling happy again, no matter how anxious they are at the start.

It’s very important to calm your dog as naturally as possible. Stressful situations can pull anyone out of their comfort zone, and you want to keep your dog or puppy as comfortable as possible. Everything about MediPets CBD Oil is organic and all-natural. We extract our high-quality CBD oil from organic industrial hemp, and we use a supercritical CO2 extraction process that doesn’t leave behind any poisonous solvents or microbials. The pet CBD oil you use to keep your dog calm and comfy is the best CBD oil you can find on the market today.

CBD oil for dogs and stress
Drowsiness is the only negative side effect of pet CBD oil and it happens when pet owners aren’t following proper dosing procedures.

Use pet CBD oil next time your dog meets small children.

Keeping your dog calm around raucous kids is easy with MediPets CBD Pet Spray. A few minutes before introducing your dog to any small children, spray a bit of CBD directly into their mouth. Right on their tongue is best. If they’re really nervous, you can spray some CBD oil right onto your fingers and rub it into their gums. You’ll start to notice the calming effects within minutes.

Pet CBD sprays and pet CBD oils are so easy to use around kids because they work so quickly. Your dog’s anxiety will be gone often before the excitable kids arrive, making it possible for your pup to get to know these new small people without immediately associating them with anxiety and discomfort. Training your dog to recognize kids as a pleasurable experience is finally possible with pet CBD oils, and CBD will make it easier to integrate your new pet into the family.

How do I use pet CBD oil to keep my dog calm?

Like we said earlier, you NEVER want to give your dog so much pet CBD oil that they fall asleep. Drowsiness is the only negative side effect of pet CBD oil and it happens when pet owners aren’t following proper dosing procedures.

MediPets CBD made it easy for you and other pet owners to give their pups the right dose of pet CBD oil. As a rule of thumb, dogs should get 1-2 drops of CBD oil per 10lbs of body weight. With this in mind, MediPets designed three different pet CBD oils for dogs depending on their size. Small, medium, and large dogs all require different doses, so we bottled them up for you to save the headache! We still stand by the rule of 1-2 drops, but these pet CBD oils are formulated with specific potencies to protect you from accidentally giving your dog too much.

Now that you know how to use pet CBD oil to keep your dog calm, be sure to talk to your vet about it. If your dog is taking other medications for anxiety or other health issues, talking about CBD can protect your dog from unwanted drug interactions. Pet CBD oil is an amazing supplement, but it only works when you use it correctly. It’s important to keep your vet in the know about your dog’s lifestyle so your dog can continue living their best life. So open up about using pet CBD oil to keep your dog calm, and your pup will thank you!

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