Introducing CBD Pet Spray — CBD Oil Stress Relief For Cats and Dogs!

Posted on June 21, 2018

Introducing CBD Pet Spray for your anxious cat or dog. Why choose CBD oil for your stressed out pet? Because watching your pet when they’re stressed out, or anxious can be heartbreaking. But whether it’s a thunderstorm that keeps your dog howling all night long, a car ride that gives your cat the jitters, or something more severe and long-term, stress and anxiety can have devastating effects on your pets.

In fact, most people don’t know some of the more visible signs of stress in a pet. According to experts, a dog or cat suffering from stress or anxiety may have digestive issues, they may begin to scratch or destroy your home, and they may isolate themselves as well. With the seriousness of such symptoms, it’s no wonder more people are turning to CBD oil to help alleviate their pet’s issues.

A New Kind Of CBD Oil

MediPets is happy to introduce a new kind of CBD oil made exclusively to help your pets deal with stress and anxiety. Our CBD Pet Spray is 100 mg of all natural, industrial hemp CBD oil designed to be easily administered to your pet.

How easy?

Three quick pumps directly into your dog or cat’s mouth and that’s it; you’re done! No fumbling around with anything, and no mess. And best of all, there’s no added stress to the situation, because we know that the last thing you want to do is cause any more unwanted anxiety for your pet.

An All Natural Product

Made from all-natural, 100 percent industrial hemp CBD, CBD Pet Spray is a non-GMO product. It can be given to your pet before long car rides, or during a heavy thunderstorm — any situation that causes stress and anxiety.

Moreover, CBD Pet Spray is safe to use over the long-term. So if your dog or cat suffers from something more serious, CBD Pet Spray twice a day will help them slowly regain their sense of self. Your furry friend will be running around and causing trouble again in no time!

So make sure you’re aware of the signs of stress and anxiety in your pet, and if you see any, grab a bottle of CBD Pet Spray — or any of our CBD oil products — your pet will thank you for it!