How to Prevent Pet Obesity with CBD for Pets

Posted on January 31, 2019
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We love to spoil our pets! But sometimes we take it a little too far. Pet obesity is a thing. If you have a big cat or dog on your hands, then you know it’s true. But CBD for pets can help prevent pet obesity and curb their hungry appetite.

How to Prevent Pet Obesity with CBD for Pets

Pet Obesity and CBD

According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (or APOP), more than half of our furry best friends are overweight. This extra weight is caused by a lot of different factors. Some pet owners don’t know the right caloric intake for their pets, or they do and just spoil them anyway. Still, others don’t have as much time as they’d like to walk, play, or otherwise exercise with their pet. If this sounds a lot like you and your best friend, MediPets CBD is here to help!

Because even just a little extra weight can bring on a whole lot of health issues. Like humans, pets are susceptible to high blood pressure and heart complications the heavier they get. And there’s also the added risk of arthritis and other joint issues. Not to mention the fact that all that extra weight is really weakening their immune system. If you want to help your pet lose weight and get healthy, try a little pet CBD.

Here’s four different ways you can prevent pet obesity with CBD for pets:

How to Prevent Pet Obesity with CBD for Pets

How Much To Feed Your Pet

A rule of thumb for every pet owner - animals under 10lbs should only eat ¼ cup of food per day. Animals between 10-20lbs should eat half a cup of food per day. If you have a larger animal, ask your veterinarian what caloric intake is best for them.

Once you know how much they’re supposed to eat, then you can design a feeding schedule that works for both you and your pet. Some pets like to graze all day while the hungrier ones will eat everything all at once. Understanding your pet’s routine and preferences can help you better prevent pet obesity.

How to Prevent Pet Obesity with CBD for Pets

Keep Track of Snacks

Now, it’s one thing to know how much they should be eating; it’s another actually to stick to that food plan. Admit it - sometimes you spoil your pet with treats and table scraps. There’s nothing wrong with that until it starts to affect their weight negatively.

What if we told you that you can treat them while still preventing pet obesity? Good news - you can! MediPets CBD pet treats are a healthy alternative to traditional pet treats. And because they come with a pet-friendly dose of CBD, you’ll be better at keeping track of exactly how many you treated them to. Kiss the days of over-feeding your pet goodbye!

With MediPets CBD, It’s not like you can give them twenty treats a day anymore. Each of our treats come with 5-6mg of CBD, meaning that two in the morning and two in the evening is all your pet needs. That means no more splurging on unhealthy jerky treats. Try our Meaty Steak Treats instead. They’ll satisfy your dog’s need to chew without all the empty calories.

More Fruits and Veggies

Unfortunately, a lot of your pet’s favorite foods are made with grains and other fillers that only add to their weight without actually providing any real nutrients. You can give your pet what they’re missing by replacing some of their food with pet-friendly vegetables. Mix them in with their dinner every night, or start giving them as treats. MediPets offers chickpea and blueberry with chicken and peas and blueberry with turkey treats so you can add a little dimension to their diet and still prevent pet obesity.

Stay away from foods that are toxic to animals, such as garlic, corn, avocados, grapes, onions, tomatoes, or raw potatoes, and never give your cat or dog any stems or pits from the fruits and veggies you’re sharing.

How to Prevent Pet Obesity with CBD for Pets

Daily Exercise Is A Must

Pet obesity is more likely to affect older pets. As they age, their mobility may decrease, but their appetite doesn’t. If you want to get your pet moving and grooving again, try pet CBD oil. CBD naturally reduces inflammation, curbing any pain your pet might be feeling in their joints and making it easier for them to move. This will make that long walk after dinner much easier and much more fun for the both of you.

Unlike a CBD pet treat, CBD oil for pets is more concentrated. You can drop it right into their mouths or add it to their meals to make it easier to eat. It’s perfect to use right before you’re going to play with your cat or walk your dog, too, as it will help them relax and feel really good about the upcoming physical activity.

Remember, it’s very important to keep your pet moving if you want to prevent pet obesity. CBD for pets can help by reducing pain and inflammation and get your older and heavier pets feeling agile again.

CBD for pets can help you prevent pet obesity and you never have to worry about overdoing it. We provide a dosage chart with all of our pet CBD oils, so you know you’re giving your pet the right dose of CBD. We’ve measured it down to the last drop, and divided our doses between cats, small dogs, medium dogs, and bigger breeds, so you know exactly which dose to give each of your pets. Once you get your pet back to their healthiest weight, you can continue to treat them with MediPets CBD treats to maintain their brand new healthy lifestyle.

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