How Our CBD Oil For Pets Is Saving These Cats and Dogs

Posted on June 29, 2018

When you think about it, CBD oil is about showing your pet how much you love them. Whether you give your cat our Cat Cafe Tartar Control CBD Treats, or you give your dog a couple of sprays from our new CBD Pet Spray, what you’re really giving them is love.

And speaking of loving pets, there’s nothing more satisfying in life than helping a furball in need back on their feet to live a normal, happy, and healthy life. That especially applies to rescue pets which have been left behind by their human because they have no means of helping themselves.

That is why MediPets CBD is proud to sponsor the work of the good folks at South Florida’s number one animal rescue, Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation. Our sponsorship of the rescue goes to the heart of what we believe here at MediPets — that a pet is more than just a companion.

Saving Sage was founded in 2014 and is headed up by the wonderful and amazing Regina Nicole Vlasek. Since 2014 the rescue has run solely through the goodwill and energy of hard-working volunteers who dedicate their time to help South Florida’s most urgent, abused and neglected animals.

Last month, MediPets CBD donated $3,000 to Saving Sage. That money was used to help the organization update their medical equipment so that more animals can receive the help and care that they need.

At the Big Check Event, we also debuted our fantastic video about the rescue, the work they do, and the help they’ve found from using CBD oil. We call it The Journey. Check out it:

Saving Sage also presents youth educational programs aimed at tackling the pet overpopulation crisis. They also provide microchip scanners and training to various police departments so that more lost animals can find their way back home. It’s really a one-of-a-kind organization.

We here at MediPets CBD understand just how important pets are to your family. That’s why we make our CBD products using only top-quality, all-natural, 100 percent hemp CBD, everything from our Chicken Meatball CBD Dog Treats to our CBD Oil for Medium Size Dogs. Helping you give your pet the very best of what life has to offer is our number one goal. And we’re proud to be a part of the Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation family. To find out more about Saving Sage, or to donate, go to     

Little by little, one animal at a time, we are winning this battle and becoming one step closer to the change that the animals in South Florida so desperately need.

— Saving Sage Founder, Regina Nicole Vlasek