Here’s How To Dose CBD Oil for Dogs Based on Their Weight

Posted on August 21, 2018

CBD oil for dogs may improve your best friend’s quality of life. It may help your best friend’s mobility, relieve arthritic pain in older dogs, and even help the most anxious pups chill out. But when it comes to CBD for dogs, you always want to make sure you’re administering a proper dose. The safest way to do this is to give your dog CBD based on their weight.

If you give your dog too much CBD oil, you might notice a change in their appetite or they may be a little groggier than usual. The most significant risk comes in the form of lethargy. If your dog doesn’t act as excited as she should be when she’s being treated or going for a walk, then you’re using way too much.

Rest easy, however, as you can avoid these risks with our simple reference guide on how to administer CBD oil for dogs based on their weight.

CBD Oil for Small Dogs

There are over 94 breeds of small dogs, including Chihuahuas, dachshunds, and Pomeranians. Most vets define a small dog as being less than 10lbs, and that is precisely for whom we formulated our CBD oil for small dogs.

With 25mg of CBD, it’s the perfect CBD oil for dogs. You can simply add ten drops to your small dog’s water bowl every day, or put it on top of their food if you prefer. Either way, we know that they will love it.

CBD Oil for Medium Dogs

Now we’re talking about CBD for dogs 40lbs and under. At this size, we offer 50mg of CBD oil for your dog, which, again, you can put in their water or mix in with their food.

If your pup is on the smaller side of medium, around 10-12lbs, start out with a smaller dose. Add 5-6 drops of CBD Oil for medium dogs to their food or water and watch their reaction for a few days. After a few days, if necessary, you can add the maximum ten drops.

CBD Oil for Large Dogs

Large dogs are defined as being over 40lbs in weight but under 100lbs. Most vets agree that any dog over 90lbs is considered a “giant dog breed.” If you have one of those particularly large breeds, it’s best to ask your vet to recommend a dose of CBD for your dog.

With 100mg of CBD, Medipets CBD oil for large dogs is CBD for dogs under 100lbs. Ten drops in their water bowl or their food twice a day may have your old dog feeling young again, or your anxious dog feeling relaxed.

CBD Treats for Dogs of All Sizes

CBD oil for dogs is a great way to possibly help your furry companion with a whole host of ailments that occur naturally with aging. But you can still treat your dog with CBD, too. CBD pet treats may help to counteract stressful situations.

For example, if you want to avoid the stress of separation anxiety, treat your dog to a CBD meaty steak stick before you leave. These low-dose treats come with only 5.5mg of CBD oil, making them perfectly safe for dogs of any size.

As with everything, moderation is key. And CBD for dogs is no different. Don’t give your pup too many CBD pet treats, especially if they take pet CBD oil every day. One or two treats for a small dog is plenty to reduce stress possibly, and two or three treats for a bigger dog is more than enough to soothe aches and pains. If your dog is taking other medication, check with your vet to make sure you can add CBD safely to their existing medical routine.