Give Your Pet Some CBD This Holiday Season

Posted on December 21, 2018
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Just because they can’t talk doesn’t mean your pets aren’t expecting something sweet this holiday season. Don’t let Santa pass by them! Show them just how much you love them and give your pet some CBD this holiday season.

The holidays are special, and our team at MediPets designed our pet CBD oils to be perfect for cats and dogs. Our fur babies may have endocannabinoid systems just like us, but you can’t give them the same CBD oil you’re used to taking. That’s why we offer special pet CBD oils for small, medium, and large dogs, as well as a special CBD oil designed specifically for cats.

Give Your Pet Some CBD This Holiday Season

MediPets CBD Oils Are Easy To Use

A few drops in your pet’s water bowl is all you need to keep them feeling great through the holidays and into the new year. Older cats and dogs can benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties in CBD that can relieve arthritic pain and stiffness. Young puppies and kittens can benefit from its anti-anxiety properties, turning kennel cough and stress chewing into faint memories.

If you think pet CBD oils are easy, then try our CBD pet spray. It’s more convenient because you can just spray it on top of your pet’s food or directly in their mouth. The effects will start in a matter of minutes, helping to reduce your pet’s pain or anxiety sooner rather than later. This is the perfect gift if you’re making a long trip to visit family or friends this holiday. One spritz before getting into the car will keep cats and dogs calm and relaxed throughout the ride.

Give Your Pet Some CBD This Holiday Season

Treat Your Dog To A Holiday Feast With CBD Salmon Bites

CBD dog treats are nothing new, and any puppy would be psyched to receive some sweet treats in their stocking this year. But what if you could give them a veritable holiday feast with just a few CBD dog treats? That’s where our CBD salmon bites come in. These treats just aren’t full of delicious salmon. There are sweet potatoes, blueberries, and garbanzo beans, on top of a healthy dose of pet CBD oil! The humans won’t be the only ones feasting during the holidays if you’re carrying these delicious CBD dog treats in your pocket.

Give Your Pet Some CBD This Holiday Season

Cats Deserve A little CBD During The Holidays, Too

Even though they’re most likely to make the naughty list, your cat still deserves a treat for the holidays. And MediPets Purrs and Puffs CBD cat treats are just the flavor for which they’re looking. Even the most finicky cats will start to purr as soon as you pop open this treat container.

If you’ve got a wild cat that loves to climb the tree or pounce on the presents, a few of these CBD cat treats will go a long way. The same anti-anxiety properties that help us humans feel calm when we take CBD will also chill out your cat. You can finally host that holiday party you’ve wanted without worrying about an excited kitten climbing up party-goers’ legs.

Cat CBD treats can also be a healthy snack after a festive holiday feast. Our tartar control CBD cat treats can protect the health of your cat’s teeth no matter what they jump into this holiday. We combined the natural healing properties of CBD oil with organic flax seed, parsley, and biotin to support the dental and coat health of your favorite feline.

Even though these holiday CBD pet treats are delicious, they should never be used as a meal replacement. At MediPets, we design our pet CBD oils and treats to be supplemental to a healthy diet. Please check with your veterinarian before you give your pets any CBD this holiday season, and always use pet CBD oil in moderation until you are sure of how your pet will react to CBD.

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