A pet CBD brand you can trust

Looking for a company that you can trust that makes CBD for pets? Given that the market for hemp-derived CBD is undergoing a big bang at the moment, finding credible sources of information that can help you make a good, educated decision as to which company and products to go with can be challenging, to say the least. Not only is there a lot of conflicting information being published about CBD, but some of the misinformation out there can be dangerous if applied to pets.

The first and most important point that we should make here is that information about CBD products made for humans, including types of products and formulations DO NOT APPLY FOR PETS. So, if you’re reading articles specifically written to explain how CBD works and what your best options are, where the information presented is NOT pet-specific, you could end up following bad advice. 

Let’s take a look at the major points you need to understand if you’re shopping for CBD products for your pets.

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Full-spectrum CBD oil vs. CBD-infused oil

There are two distinct types of CBD products. 

First, there are products made using the essential oils of the hemp flower — AKA hemp oil, hemp extract, hemp CBD oil, and so on. These essential oils contain all of the active compounds produced by the plant, and they smell and taste much like the flowers from which they were extracted — very pungent and bitter. These are referred to as full-spectrum CBD oil. 

Secondly, similar to how pure caffeine can be extracted from coffee, pure CBD can be extracted from hemp oil. Because cannabinoids, including CBD, are odorless and colorless, products made with pure CBD taste exactly the same as the original recipe. 

If you’re reading articles or watching videos about CBD that are not pet-specific, you’ll see a lot of experts and reporters talking about how full-spectrum CBD oil is far superior to products which are merely infused with purified CBD. In many cases, this is true — at least for humans — but this is not true for pet CBD products. In fact, full-spectrum CBD oils can do serious harm when administered to pets in certain cases. Why? Read on to find out more.

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What’s the difference, effects-wise?

In order to understand why full-spectrum oils are not good for pets, it’s important to understand generally how the product works. 

Cannabidiol, aka CBD, is just one of a number of bioactive compounds produced in the resinous flower clusters of the hemp plant. Specifically, CBD is one of a family of molecules known as cannabinoids. Others include CBN (cannabinol), CBC (cannabichromene), CBG (cannabigerol), and, of course, the infamous THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol), the cannabinoid that’s mostly responsible for the high produced when using marijuana. (Hemp, by law, must contain less than 0.3 percent THC to be considered a legal substance, which is not even enough to get a flee high.) 

Scores of cannabinoids are produced in cannabis. They are all very similar to each other, but they have different effects. Some contribute to the intoxicating sensations induced by cannabis and some don’t. CBD does not make people high. 

Terpenes are another family of compounds produced in cannabis. Our noses and taste buds are extremely sensitive to terpenes. They provide cannabis with its distinctive aromas and flavors. Some smell like citrus, some smell like pine, some smell like flowers and spices and so on. Combine them together and you get the unique smells of various strains of cannabis.

It doesn’t take very much of a terpene to affect the human body. Cannabinoids are measured in percent of weight and can account for as much as a quarter of the weight of hemp buds. Terpenes, on the other hand, are measured in parts-per-million a tiny fraction of a percent of the plant’s mass. 

You might be familiar with a healing modality known as aromatherapy. This practice is based on the use of terpenes. A quick sniff of a terpene can have a marked effect on a human being.

Here’s the bottom line: The effects produced by any single batch of full-spectrum CBD oil will depend on the blend of cannabinoids and terpenes produced by that crop.

Full-Spectrum CBD oil = Bad for pets
Pure CBD-infused oil = Good for pets

Here’s the problem: For starters, both terpenes and cannabinoids affect individuals in different ways, so there’s no way to predict how a pet will react to any particular formulation of terpenes and cannabinoids. And every crop of hemp, and therefore every batch of hemp CBD oil, will have varying levels of cannabinoids and terpenes. The only way to remedy that and produce a product that has more predictable effects is to remove terpenes and other cannabinoids altogether.

The problem with terpenes

Some pets (and people) have allergies to certain terpenes and ingesting these compounds can make them seriously ill. It’s not worth taking the risk to see if your pet is allergic to any particular terpenes, especially when the levels of terpenes are rarely specified in a full-spectrum product. 

Another problem with terpenes that was mentioned above is that they can taste awful. Even if there is no chance that your pet is allergic to any of them, getting your pet to tolerate a CBD product that includes terpenes could be very difficult. 

The problem with other cannabinoids

While CBD is a major constituent of medicinal cannabis strains, other cannabinoids such as those mentioned above are generally found in much smaller quantities. For this reason, CBD has been the subject of extensive clinical trials and the others have not. We have a really good idea of the benefits of CBD and how people and pets react to it. Other cannabinoids produced in hemp, not so much. 

Another issue pets have with cannabinoids is that their bodies are extremely sensitive to changes in cannabinoid levels. Whereas humans coevolved with cannabis as a food source, cats and dogs are descended from meat-eating predators. Their bodies are not designed to tolerate high doses of cannabinoids. For this reason alone, you should never give your pet CBD products formulated for human use.

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Trust Medipets pet CBD products

Medipets pet CBD products are made with the finest pet-tested ingredients including pure hemp-derived CBD. None of our products contain full-spectrum oils, THC or other non-CBD cannabinoids, or any added terpenes. And all of our products are developed in cooperation with veterinarians to ensure they are as safe, effective, and delicious as possible for your pet.