As if our cats aren’t spoiled enough already! Some of these finicky felines will turn their nose up at a T-Bone steak if it’s not cooked to their liking. Luckily for us, the team here at MediPets CBD knows a thing or two about cats. We’re cat owners too, so we recognize that cats are obviously royalty. They won’t stand for anything less than the best of the best, and why should they? Your cat deserves the best, and you’re the best human to give it to them because you know what your cat really wants.

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Your cat wants CBD oil that works for them

That’s why we designed our pet CBD oils with our cats in mind. The CBD oils we use with our dogs isn’t the same as our cat-friendly CBD oil because these pets are as different as - well - cats and dogs. It’s true that all mammals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) designed to interact with CBD, but a cat’s ECS is as unique as they are. For that reason, MediPets CBD oil for cats is formulated specifically to work naturally with your cat’s body.

All cats are unique, from their markings to their personalities. The same goes for their health needs, and your cat will have their own reasons for needing pet CBD oil. We created CBD oil with different strengths for cats designed to meet their different needs based on sizes and ages. Our regular strength CBD oil for cats comes perfectly dosed with 25mg of CBD per bottle. We recommend it for everyday use, but we offer a strong and extreme strength for cats who need an even bigger boost of CBD throughout the day.

The best part of these pet CBD oils is that no matter the strength, the dose never changes. All you have to worry about is adding 8-10 drops of CBD oil to your cat’s water bowl every day. It’s the easiest way to get your royal feline their daily dose of CBD.

We recommend using our pet CBD oils with cats between 0-24lbs, but if your cat is under 10 pounds or younger than 4 months old, reduce the dose to between 5-8 drops. We don’t want your cat to get too much of a good thing, so check with your vet before adding CBD oil to your cat’s wellness routine, especially when it comes to kittens and elderly cats.

Do You Know What Your Cat Really Wants? (Hint: It’s CBD Oil!) > Paragraphs

Your cat wants CBD pet treats that actually taste good

No matter their age, your cat craves tasty treats. And we use our specially formulated MediPets CBD oil for cats in each of our cat treat flavors. We guarantee that your cat is getting the best out of each bite. Check out our delicious menu of cat-friendly CBD pet treats and oils for new ways to give your cat treats that truly satisfy.

Go ahead and spoil them because your cats will be craving these CBD cat treats. Our cat treats are low-dose too, packed with the right amount of CBD in every bite, so give them plenty of these CBD Cat Treats with tartar control. These delicious snacks come with about 3mg of CBD per treat so you can spoil your cat with all the benefits of CBD oil and the added bonus of strengthening their teeth. 

For a more potent dose, try the Purrs & Puffs CBD cat treats. These fun, fish-shaped little guys fit perfectly inside of puzzle toys and make for a great hide-and-seek game if you’ve got a particularly playful cat on your hands. The stronger dose of CBD can help cats that need a little more, but these treats sacrifice nothing on taste. Your cats won’t even think twice about taking their CBD.

Of course, the High King (or Queen) of your house might be pickier than other cats. These are the royal felines that sit on thrones of soft pillows and eat nothing but salmon filets. That’s their right as cats, but if you’re worried that CBD cat treats won’t satisfy their refined palate, try the convenience of our CBD pet spray. One spritz on the tongue is equal to one dose of CBD, so your cat will start to feel the positive effects of the CBD almost immediately and without a fuss.

Your cat wants pet CBD products they can trust

To make sure you're giving your cat exactly what they want, do a little research when it comes to pet CBD oil. You want to give them the best that they can get, so look for pet CBD companies that source their CBD from industrial hemp and use third-party labs to test their products. These tests are important because they protect your pet from residual solvents and other unnatural ingredients.

 At MediPets, we only spoil our pets with the best. We use a supercritical CO2 extraction process that eliminates the need for a solvent, and we clearly label all of our packagings so you know exactly what’s in each bottle and in each treat. Third-party labs test all of our products for us, and we post these results on our website for everyone to see. There’s even instructions on dosing and how much pet CBD oil to give your cat so you can treat them to CBD with confidence.

Do You Know What Your Cat Really Wants? (Hint: It’s CBD Oil!) > Paragraphs

Your cat wants to be spoiled most of all.

Your cat trusts you, and you would never steer them wrong. In fact, you know exactly what they want. That’s why we’re giving you everything you need to spoil them the right way with this CBD for Cats Bundle. It comes packed with both of our flavors of treats and a bottle of our cat CBD oil so you can try out the different ways to give your cat CBD. Whichever way your cat likes best — whether it’s a few drops in their water or a few treats throughout the day — they’ll be getting the best dose of CBD they can get.

We humans could learn a few things from our cats, especially when it comes to pampering ourselves. So keep on pampering your pets. MediPets is here to give you everything you need to keep your cats (and dogs!) happy and pampered with the tastiest CBD pet oils and treats.