CBD Oil For Dogs Presents: Funny Dog Videos

Posted on August 30, 2018

CBD oil for dogs is an all-natural way to allow you to enjoy time with your furry companion. Our all-natural hemp-based CBD for dogs is potentially helpful in so many ways, from alleviating stress and anxiety to helping with joint pain and inflammation; and believe us when we say it’s a very serious topic. But at the end of the day, you give your dog CBD oil so they can enjoy… life.

So today, following up on the fun of National Dog Day this past weekend, we thought we’d share with you some of our favorite dog videos. We can’t say for sure whether or not these dogs have taken CBD for dogs, but we can guarantee that they will make you (and your dog) laugh out loud.

A Guide To CBD for Dogs

And while you’re watching these hilarious videos with your pup, don’t forget about our brand new guide to CBD for dogs, aptly titled CBD Oil for Dogs: The Ultimate Guide. It was recently published online and tells you everything you need to know about CBD oil for dogs including:

  • How to talk to your vet about CBD
  • How much CBD oil to give your dog
  • How CBD oil helps your dog
  • And so much more

There’s a reason we call it the ultimate guide to CBD for dogs, and that’s because it has literally everything you need to know. After all, we are the experts when it comes to CBD oil (and CBD pet treats… and CBD pet spray for that matter).

So give it a read, you’re bound to find many of the answers to your most burning questions. And don’t forget to read it out loud to your dog as well, as we’re sure she has some questions of her own too!

CBD Oil For Dogs Presents: Funny Dog Videos

Our Favorite Dog Videos on The Net

You’ve already seen our favorite cat videos on the net, but let’s face it, cats have all the attention when it comes to funny videos. But here at MediPets, everything is 50/50 —we make some CBD oil for dogs, and we make some CBD for cats. We laugh at some dog videos, and we laugh at some cat videos.

Let’s take a look:

Dogs Riding Bikes

Meet Norman, the dog; he loves belly rubs, dog treats… and bike riding? Yep, this crazy pup shows just how “active” an active dog can be. While we can’t say whether or not he’s used CBD for dogs, it sure looks like he’s a health and wellness nut!

A Night at The (Dog) Opera

This amazing pup sure has a set of lungs! He (or she) is a natural when it comes to belting out some opera tunes. But no need for an expensive night at the theater, as we’re bringing it to you for free. Check it out, as this is one of our favorites:

Angry Dogs Could Use Some CBD Oil

Even when dogs are angry they’re still cute. Here’s a compilation of some of the angriest dogs on the web, all of whom could probably use some CBD pet treats or a couple of drops of CBD for dogs. Enjoy:

Well, there you have it, our favorite dog videos on the net. Now go check out our ultimate guide to CBD for dogs, and give your pup a CBD pet treat, because, well, they might become angry if you don’t!