When it comes to winding down from the fast-paced life of the 21st-century, Netflix is king. And what better way to indulge in your mellow movie marathon than with an equally calm companion? While binge-watching with friends, a spouse, or kids, you might hear more commentary than you would from an over-caffeinated sports announcer. Enter: CBD for pets. 

Your furbaby is your best option for a satisfying, silent, viewing experience. For a long time, researchers weren’t sure if our pets could see TVs, and for cats, it’s hard to tell if they even cared. Today, we know that animals can appreciate TV that’s relevant to them, just like humans. 

So sit down with your furbaby and your favorite CBD for a streaming session of the ages that will leave you feeling rested and ready for the workday ahead!

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Do Animals See Like Us?

The short answer is: absolutely. While cats and dogs might not see the same as humans, it only takes turning the TV to something that interests them to know they enjoy watching it.

Eyes are extraordinary. For most humans, they are our dominant form of sensory engagement. There are five major components of the human eye — first the cornea, which is the layer on the outside of the eyeball. Next are the pupil and iris, which act as a camera lens to send safe amounts of light into the retina. This is where photoreceptors live. Photoreceptors are cells that convert light into signals our brains can understand. In short, photoreceptors convert light into electrical signals which zoom into our brains through the optic nerve. The brain interprets the signals, creating our view of the world. 

Vision varies greatly. Owls and Eagles have some of the best vision, being able to spot tiny mice covered by grass in fields as the birds soar through the air. However, plenty of animals evolved without eyes at all, many of which live in dark places where other senses are much more valuable than squinting to see something in the pitch black.

For many years, scientists thought that dogs could only see in black and white. In 2013, a group of Russian researchers proved this to be a misconception. The dogs in the experiment showed preferences for specific colors.

With further research, we now know that although dogs can see colors, they don’t see the same colors as humans. Humans have additional photoreceptors that allow us to process red, green, and blue colors. A dog's spectrum of vision is more limited, yet they perceive red and green the same. 

Cats, like the bird species mentioned above, needed to evolve a sharper visual experience to spot their prey and survive. Their field of vision is wider than a human's, and they have many more light-sensitive photoreceptors than humans, allowing them to see at night.

Cats and Dogs and CBD! The Best Movies to Watch with Your Pet > Paragraphs

So, Can Animals See TV?


Cats are slightly nearsighted so you may find them sitting very close to the TV and excited by movement, just as they are in real life. They can see a majority of what’s happening and, of course, they can hear birds chirping and humans talking.

Dogs may be less able to make out the individual details of the TV, especially with older TVs that show fewer frames per second. On these TVs, dogs will see lots of flickering. On newer TVs, studies show that dogs are engaged. With most dogs, they prefer some shows to others, not that we can blame them, but researchers are unclear on how dogs build preferences.

Watching with Your Pets

There are whole channels on Prime, and Pluto TV, even an entire dog streaming site all designed to entertain your pets. However, these might be more interesting for your pet to watch while you're out for the day rather than a bonding activity that you can do together. 

First things first, learn a bit about your pet and what catches their eye when you aren't watching together. Maybe it's videos of other cats or dogs; maybe it's an action movie with lots of loud noises, every pet has different interests. 

The second most important part of movie watching is snacks! Medipets CBD is well stocked in pre-made snacks for your furbaby. Try the Turkey, Peas, and Blueberry Jerky as a snack your dog can munch on throughout the film. If you need to coax your dog to come sit still next to you, CBD Specialty Dog Biscuits might just do the trick.

Medipets even has cat treats. Purrs and Puffs fish-shaped treats are almost too cute to eat, but cats love to attack these cute little creatures! 

For an extra special night, you can make your furbaby a special treat by adding some Pet CBD oil to tuna (for cats) or making some homemade CBD biscuits for dogs. Medipets has you covered for all your pet CBD needs.

Best Movies for Cats

Disney’s The Aristocats

A Disney great for sure. This movie, released in 1970, is a timeless adventure story. When a malicious butler hears that the cats are the recipient of his mistress's fortune, he sends them away leaving three kittens and their mom to rely on the skills of a back-alley tabby cat to find their way back home. 

Between the adorable kittens, lots of meowing, and great songs, this action-packed cat-focused film will surely have your cat engaged. 

Une vie de Chat, A Cat in Paris

A limited release movie from 2012, A Cat in Paris follows a spunky little guy named Dino whose human is a mute girl. By day, he provides companionship to her, and by night he works with a burglar, who might as well be a cat in human form.

Disaster strikes when a gangster kidnaps Dino’s human. A wild chase ensues with beautiful animation leaving you with great views of Paris. 

Best Movies for Dogs

Hotel for Dogs

A 2009 feel-good flick, Hotel For Dogs stars Emma Roberts and Jake T. Austin, two audacious pre-teens as they set up a haven for stray dogs in an abandoned hotel. The kids retrofit the hotel to give it everything a pup could ever want as they bask in the joy of countless furry friends. 

For a dog who loves to watch other good boys (or girls), “Hotel for Dogs” is your best bet!


A Disney masterpiece follows the life of a TV dog, Bolt, who stars in a TV series with his human, Penny. In the show, Bolt has superpowers which he believes carry over into his real life. 

When a particularly tense episode leaves Penny “kidnapped,” Bolt goes into rescue mode, leaving the TV set on a grand quest to reunite with Penny. Along the way, he befriends a cat and a hamster, and they become a very unlikely three-musketeer clan.

Cats and Dogs and CBD! The Best Movies to Watch with Your Pet > Paragraphs

Movies for Everyone!

The Adventures of Milo and Otis

An authentic 1980s classic, “The Adventures of Milo and Otis” is a Japanese film depicting the unbreakable friendship between Milo, an orange tabby cat, and Otis, a pug. 

When Milo accidentally gets dragged downriver, Otis runs after him tracking his movements so they can find their way home together.

A true cross-species friendship and full of great adventures and lots of animal interaction, this movie will have your pup and kitty loving each other before the credits begin to roll.

The Secret Life of Pets

Now your pets may not want you to know what they’re up to while you’re gone, but “The Secret Life of Pets” lets the cat out of the bag, proverbially speaking. 

Full of the silliest and most animal-stereotypical characters, “The Secret Life of Pets” looks at themes of friendship, new pets in the house, strays, adventures, and so much more. It’s a great film for all the pets in your home.