5 Ways To Show Your Cat Or Dog You Love Them (With Pet CBD Oil)

Posted on August 1, 2018

Pet CBD oil is an amazing product. Of course, CBD oil can relieve our aches and pains, but did you know that pet CBD oil can do the same for your four-legged furry friend? Low-dose CBD oil for pets can have many positive effects on your cat or dog, especially if they’re older. In fact, the best pet CBD oil has the potential to relieve aches, pains, and anxiety!

Just remember that your pet’s metabolism works differently than yours and that your furry family member needs a pet CBD oil made specifically for them. That’s why we offer pet CBD oil and CBD pet treats that are scientifically formulated for your cats or dogs.

And that’s why our pet CBD oil is for those moments when you want to show your companion just how much you care. Here are five ways to show your cat or dog you love them (with pet CBD oil).

Use CBD Pet Treats When Training Your New Puppy

One of the best ways to show your dog you love them is to reinforce good behaviors with proper training. Dogs love to please their owners. Training your dog will strengthen your relationship.

So try training your dog with CBD pet treats. Chicken Training Bites are a low-dose CBD pet treat and tiny enough to fit in your hand during training exercises. Keep them handy to reward good behavior.

Spoil Your Dog with CBD Pet Treats

Who doesn’t love bacon? CBD Dog Treats - Wavy Bacon & Cheese Bites comes with pet CBD oil, making it the best of both worlds. Show your dog you love them by treating them before bed.

Bacon makes the best dessert for dogs of all sizes, and the pet-friendly dose of CBD will help them sleep soundly through the night.

Treat Your Cat With Pet CBD Oil

Dogs aren’t the only pets who deserve treats. Even though they’re unbelievably rude, cats still love treats. You can show your cat you love them, and maybe even warm them up to your side of the couch, with specifically designed CBD cat treats, like these Purrs & Puffs.

The tiny, round shape makes them perfect for playing, and their natural tuna flavor is irresistible to cats. Elderly cats will benefit from the high-quality dose of CBD oil in each treat. And if you have a particularly grouchy cat, CBD pet treats can help them relax and warm up to any situation.

Love Angry Cats with Pet CBD Oil

Pet CBD oil can change the attitudes of those particularly grouchy cats, too. Eight-to-Ten drops of Pet CBD oil in your cat’s water every day can help reduce the stress that’s causing them to act so ornery.

MediPets CBD oil for cats is a tincture designed specifically for cats with the right dose to improve their overall health and disposition. Start out with a few drops to see how your cat responds. Our customers have noticed improvements in behavior when it comes to aggression and excessive meowing.

Soothe Your Pet with CBD Pet Spray

Show your cat or dog you love them by soothing their stress with CBD Pet Spray. Long road trips and horrendous thunderstorms are just a few of the things that can stress pets out. With CBD Pet Spray, your pet will feel at home anywhere.

Next time you plan a trip, or when you see those storm clouds brewing, CBD pet sprays can save the day. A quick spritz is all it takes to show your pet you love them with CBD.
Of course, there are a million ways to show your pet you love them, especially with pet CBD oil. So, tell us which one is your favorite!